Find The Perfect Glasses For Your Face Shape

There’s something called “OTP” or also known as “one true pairing”. It means that two things or two people are great together. An example would be warm brownies and vanilla ice cream or Jenna and Channing Tatum. You know how you and your best friend would want to do a project together because you both just click and do well with other? Yes it’s like that.

The same applies to looking for the kind of glasses that looks good on your face shape. Before buying glasses, you must first know what kind of face shape you have. There are four face shapes: Round, Square, Oval, and Heart-shaped. Once you know what shape you have, it’s easier to narrow down the choices of glasses you’re going to choose from.  


Heart-shaped Face

Ideal glasses for you: Cat Eye, Rectangle, Retro Square

A face like yours is determined by having a wide forehead and a sharp jawline. The three mentioned style glasses suited for you will help balance the features of your face to make you look your best.


Oval Face

Ideal glasses for you: Retro Square, Rectangle, Round

If you have this face shape, let me be the first to say, luck you! This is the shape that could pull off most styles. Take advantage of your versatile face by buying what you feel good in, just keep in mind proportion. Let a close friend come with you for a second opinion. You may have a lot of options but the picking the wrong one may ruin the chances of you getting a flawless selfie.


Square Face

Ideal glasses for you: Aviator, Cat Eye, Round, Oval

Your face is defined by having a wide forehead and cheekbones, as well as a rectangular jaw. To soften up your strong features, choose glasses that don’t have corners such as the ones mentioned ideal for you. The shape of the glasses complements your face shape giving you a good look.


Round Face

Ideal glasses for you: Retro Square, Rectangle, Browline

Round faces are the opposite of square faces. Since you have don’t have harsh features on your face, it’s best to wear glasses that add dimension to your face like square and uniquely shaped ones like a Cat Eye. The softness of your face shape and the framed glasses is an OTP for sure.